General information

What is 'On Your Own Feet'? (On Your Own Feet) is an initiative of Rotterdam University's expertise centre 'Transitions in Care'. This webpage found its origins in the research projects of 'On Your Own Feet'.

On this website you can find information about chronically ill adolescents, who experience a transition in healthcare. The website also provides information on subjects concerning transitions in care and answers to questions such as: "What is transition in care?". You can also find the results of our research projects, the publications that we have written, and our contact information on this website.

Moreover, we offer information on the following ten participation themes (in Dutch) that are important for chronically ill adolescents: Control, Care, Relations, Study, Work, Living, Transport, Leisure, Sport, and Parents. These were conducted in collaboration with TransitionNet, a Dutch network for rehabilitation professionals working in transitional care. If you are interested in one of our participation themes, don’t hesitate to contact us at:!