Two variants of The Talking Board ‘Young people in transition from paediatric to adult care’

1. for professionals

2. for young people (and their parents/caretakers)

We started in 2022 to develop The Talking Board as a generic conversation tool that can be used, for example, in the consulting room or to start the conversation between the young person and his/her/their parent.

The young person’s journey through the transition age is visualised in this talking plate. The elements from the Transition Care Quality Standard have been taken as a starting point. ‘De Betekenaar’, in close cooperation with the Op Eigen Benen project team and with the help of input from a number of professionals with an affinity for transition care, shaped the talking plate.

After the first Talking Plate, from the perspective of the caregiver, was published, it soon became clear that there was also a need for an edition that would more visually reflect the perspective of the young person themselves. This one was soon a reality. Again later, it was decided to make The Talking Plate available in other languages as well, starting in English and German.

Via this page, you can easily access the Englisch version of The Talking Board, depending on who you are and the situation (in your organisation).



This edition of The Talking Board is primarily aimed at (teams) of professionals dealing with transition care. Thus, it can be printed out and used as a conversation aid, but having it printed as a poster or distributing it digitally is of course also one of the options.

Young people (and their parents/caretakers)

This edition of The Talking Plate is aimed primarily at young people in transition (and their parents). It can be used as a conversation aid both with care providers and between parent and child, and to gain insight into the transition process and the different phases.